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Trying out the whole blogging thing as an attempt to capitalize on the cult of personality in the art world. If only you'd get to know me, if I could articulate myself just so, then you would like me, and by proxy, my art. But let's not get cynical and/or clinical about it! I meeean, come on, it's nice relating to people and appreciating what they do.

So, who's my audience? IDK, art friends, people wandering in off my instagram, the occasional stalker, and maybe some lost soul trapped in the internets. At the end of the day, I guess I shouldn't worry too much about what I'm trying to say or who I'm saying it to. School certainly pushes a sense of urgency to justify all your moves; I'm still recovering. No need to justify. This blog thing will work itself out, or I'll delete it.

Trying to connect with people has been on my mind. I have an aversion to the term 'networking', as it usually denotes some grossly disingenuous necessity for the working artist. It's ok if you can't get me a show, or afford to buy my art (there's always the friend discount or art swap!), it would be enough to engage anyone at any level. I hope to engage people by adding some context and thoughts behind work. That all sounds too lofty, I'm trying to say I will use it as a forum for my mental diarrhea. Maybe you're some sicko that enjoys slopping around in my diarrhea? PM me. 

First blog post down. Will I stick with it? I'll let you know through one platform or another. A stolen sign off: "Take it easy, but do it!"

P.S. I will be slowly adding to my purchase section as I price things out and figure out shipping. I want to create an easy breezy shopping experience. Stay tuned.

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